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Absurd Minds
Eternal Witness

From the album Serve Or Suffer

Tune In

Song History

Artist Song Title Album
In Strict Confidence The Truth Inside Of Me (extended Isc Version) Unknown
Wumpscut Is It You Embryodead
Suicide Commando The Pleasures Of Sin Implements Of Hell (Deluxe)
Fektion Fekler Nailed Down Immersed Heroics-Limited Edition, Vol. One
Combichrist At The End Of It All Today We Are All Demons
God Module Divine Seperation Unknown
Headscan Dead Silver Sky Pattern Recognition
Eisschock Narcissism Unknown
Painbastard Todesengel (Armageddon Remix By [Sitd]) Unknown
Evils Toy Back On Earth Angels Only!
Aiboforcen Twilight World (Higher States) Sons Palliatifs (Limited Bonus Disc)
SITD Brand Of Cain Unknown
E-Craft DOS Unit Status [Explicit]
Concise Reflections Unknown
Dismantled Purity Dismantled
Mind.In.A.Box Run For Your Life Crossroads
Project Pitchfork Human Crossing First Anthology
Solitary Experiments Pandoras Box Cause And Effect
Dance Or Die Never Reach The Stars 3001
Ayria Bad List Unknown : Contact me